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Drug-resistant gene goes from pig farms to patients worldwide

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A troublesome gene that is resistant to an antibiotic often used as a last resort has been tracked from its origins on Chinese pig farms to hospital patients worldwide in a new study led by UCL and Peking University People's Hospital.

300 million hepatitis B sufferers but only one in 20 treated: study

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Some 300 million people worldwide are living with the deadly hepatitis B virus (HBV), but only one in 20 received adequate treatment, researchers reported Tuesday.

An apple a day really does work: The flavonoid-rich fruit improves cardiovascular health, decreases risk of disease / Michelle Simmons - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
(Natural News) Apples once again show that they can keep the doctor away. A study has found that the flavonoid-rich fruit enhances cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of disease by improving endothelial function. Just eat it with its skin for more benefits. Past studies have shown that the...

Tai Chi found to significantly improve knee movement and flexibility in osteoarthritis patients / Jessica Dolores - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
(Natural News) The day is sunny and bright. You’re looking forward to a fun weekend at the park with your family. The picnic basket is prepared, and so are the children’s toys and favorite things. But your knee suddenly hurts, and you could hardly walk. A few minutes later, it’s swelling a...

Scientists launch global effort to model pancreatic beta cell, solve diabetes

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USC researchers have launched a massive scientific effort to construct a detailed, virtual 3-D model of the pancreatic beta cell and its components—a global project that aims to one day curb the worldwide rise of diabetes.

Eradicating poverty would dramatically reduce TB cases, study finds

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Ads from Inoreader • Remove Preventative measures, like poverty reduction, could be just as effective in tacklin...

Fermented tea protects the liver from oxidative stress with antioxidant properties that regulate glucose levels / Michelle Simmons - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
(Natural News) A lot of diseases, such as fatty liver disease, are caused by oxidative stress. Fortunately, there are natural treatments that help fight it. One of these is a fermented tea called Pu-erh that contains antioxidant properties and glucose-regulating extracts and can protect the liv...

Trump’s Pick For CDC Director Is Experienced But Controversial

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Ads from Inoreader • Remove In the first year of his administration, Donald Trump has repeatedly filled importan...

What are opioids and what are the risks?

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Ads from Inoreader • Remove Donald Trump has announced plans to tackle the opioid crisis. What are they and why ...

Discovery of sophisticated 115,000-year-old bone tools in China

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Ads from Inoreader • Remove An analysis of 115,000-year-old bone tools discovered in China suggests that the too...

Adults Stop Growing New Neurons in This Part of the Brain

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When our recent study met significant skepticism, we weren't surprised. After all, we ourselves remained skeptical of what we were seeing throughout our investigation.

Smoking linked with higher risk of type 2 diabetes

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The prevalence of diabetes has increased almost 10-fold in China since the early 1980s, with one in 10 adults in China now affected by diabetes. Although adiposity is the major modifiable risk factor for diabetes, other research in China suggests this can explain only about 50 percent of the incr...

Why cosmetics laws need a makeover: Contaminated personal care products are harming consumers / Ethan Huff - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
(Natural News) It’s been far too long since the federal laws that govern cosmetics safety have been revisited and revised by lawmakers. Thousands of new chemicals, many of which are harming people, have been added to the ingredients lineup since the last time the U.S. Food and Drug Administrati...

Food scientists have created a new, faster way of testing for pesticide residues on vegetables using magnetic nanoparticles / Isabelle Z. - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
(Natural News) You’ve decided that spending extra money on organic produce is worth the reassurance it gives you. Whether you’re driven by environmental concerns or you’re trying to reduce your risk of cancer, it’s a smart move for your health. However, how can you be sure that these food...

Sorry, Adults, No New Neurons For Your Aging Brains

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The brains of birds and mice continue to produce new nerve cells in the hippocampus throughout life. But research now suggests the human brain stops doing this around adolescence.(Image credit: Science Source/Getty Images)

Logo recognition associated with kids' choice of international junk foods

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Ads from Inoreader • Remove Young children in six low- and middle-income countries prefer junk foods over tradit...

New Guidelines Establish The Rights Of Women When Giving Birth

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To reduce unnecessary medical interventions in childbirth and respect the woman's wishes, the World Health Organization sets standards in a report.(Image credit: Stefanie Glinski/AFP/Getty Images )

A lithium battery that operates at -70 degrees Celsius, a record low

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Researchers in China have developed a battery with organic compound electrodes that can function at -70 degrees Celsius -- far colder than the temperature at which lithium-ion batteries lose most of their ability to conduct and store energy. The findings could aid engineers in developing technolo...

China's two-child policy may exacerbate gender inequality

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Since China ended its one-child policy allowing all families to have up to two children, an additional 90 million women have become eligible to have a second child. But new sociology research suggests the new universal two-child policy could be negatively affecting women's status and gender equal...

Tracking RNA to Pinpoint Time of Death: Better Than Bugs?

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0000-0002-8715-2896 DNA is a persistent molecule. Genome sequencing is possible for creatures as ancient as mummies and mammoths. But the messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules that translate a gene’s information into a specific protein are more ephemeral,

Did An IV Cocktail Of Vitamins And Drugs Save This Lumberjack From Sepsis?

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A 51-year-old man nearly died from septic shock, when a crushing injury led to overwhelming infection. After getting an experimental treatment, he's recovering well, but some doctors want more proof.(Image credit: Ian C. Bates for NPR)